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The sleeping area par excellence is the most intimate space in our home, destined for everyday sleep: the protagonists of the restaurant are the beds, which must be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. To make the beds an island of relaxation that we receive at the end of the day, we will dress them with quality linens and pillows, so that they can always guarantee the most profound sleep. The various models of bed signed by the best brands are available on the market complete or without headboard, with or without storage compartment, minimal or traditional, as well as different sizes. Beds can be purchased together with bedside tables, com, weekly and matching wardrobes, or we can choose to match accessories in contrasting materials. The right type of bed to choose according to your sleep habits and your tastes, but also to the style of the environment: the furniture must create an always relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. When the available space is not much, various space-saving solutions can be found on the market: Convertible and foldaway beds, which, if not used, become multifunctional, practical and beautiful furnishings.