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Nowadays Pensili are practical and multifunctional furniture, appreciated lately because they are not anchored to the floor level, being anchored to the wall. Whether you want to use these suspended compartments to fix everyday objects rather than decorative ones, you will surely find in your store the quality solution that's right for you. In a small-sized living room, or in a truly minimal chic environment, the Pensili are essential: they furnish spaces embellishing them, combining practical and design skills. To perfectly complete the furniture of the living area with a hanging composition, you will have to keep in mind your personal style, the style of the environment and your housing problems of functionality and space. Thanks to the almost infinite choice of shapes, sizes and finishes available on the market for shelves and wall units, it will be easy to decorate the walls of the house organizing them with logic and rationality. Since the wall units are versatile, open or closed furniture, composed in many shapes or linear, they will be perfectly in an environment of every kind, which is always functional and beautiful to behold.