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The general rule to avoid mistakes during the purchase of a table for your home provides that the necessary space is provided to move freely the seats around it, for a serene daily life. Nowadays, more and more, the kitchen opens up to the living room and there is no longer a clear distinction between the two environments: the choice of a good table model. In a small domestic space, a table of proportioned measures should be placed to which the most suitable seats can be placed, so that the best available space can be obtained. In the dining area, whether it is standing or organized in the living room, the choice of tables can depend on the available space, the functions and style of the room, so that it is easy and beautiful to look at. If you usually have a lot of guests at lunch, choose a table model with extension and you will always have a comfortable seat at the table for each guest. The lines designed by the best manufacturers allow you to choose between round, oval or squared tables; also with regard to the finishes, the solutions among which vary are various: wood, glass, metal and stone.