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Our story

Rusconi Arredamenti is a family-run reality which has been consolidating for the last 40 years, a motivated and skilled Team, able to satisfy every need, result of the passion and experience directly gained in the field.

The founder Rusconi Ermanno started from zero, learning and taking care of the values of the most ancient activity, namely the carpenter, becoming later a skilled and expert artisan; in 1968, he finally achieved the dream of establishing his own business and founded his own company in the country, creating a little workshop, where to dedicate all his time to his greatest passion, then supported by the precious collaboration of his wife, Rosangela.

In 1990, he felt the need to widen the production unit and so moved to the outskirts of the city, where he built a 2.000sqm-wide shed, a structure which could face new needs also in terms of logistics.

He dedicated his artisan activity on behalf of third parties for years, until the decision, in 1995, to base his company on a concept of direct selling of furniture for the house, from the interiors to the outdoor, form the classic to the modern. Therefore, he created a great showroom for his clients, where they have the possibility to effectively touch the quality and value of his furnishing solutions.

From 2000, his sons Marco, Giovanni and Cesare have officially joined the activity, even if they have always been a constant presence. The Rusconi Arredamenti s.n.c. was finally born and immediately started developing its market share, step by step, becoming always more productive and efficient. Finally, the showroom was widened with a new exhibition area, with an attractive and contemporary design, meant to enrich the range of amazing furnishing proposals and reliable services.

The final achievement during the furnishing of a house is, for us, the realisation of tailor-made solutions and ambiences, created in order to perfectly meet the tastes and needs of who has chosen to rely on our Team… Our prerogative is to satisfy every customer, we study and valuate all the possible solutions, always experiencing and learning something new.

Nowaday, Rusconi Design Arredamenti is a meaningful presence in Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany, ensuring great quality, exclusive professionality and 100% Italian products.

Displayed ambiences

Within our showroom, you will find various pieces of furniture but also furnishing solutions which can exalt every domestic area at best, transforming your home into a beautiful, functional and charming space.
We properly equipped an area entirely dedicated to the Children just near the offices, so their parents can easily settle the details of the purchase while keeping an eye on them.

Within Rusconi Design Arredamenti showroom you will also find a fully air-conditioned area, a wide internal parking and a great outdoor fenced space, in which your pets can play and run during the visit, without staying closed in your car.

The carpentry

The equipped carpentry laboratory, with innovative productive systems and numeric control machining, let us satisfy specific requirements of personalisation over commercial products, or give us the possibility to create products ex-novo, starting from a tailor-made plan, whenever needed.
We select and use only high-quality materials, always in accordance with the applicable regulations, 100% Made in Italy.
We are spokesmen of high qualitative standards, great professionality and reliable assistance… from the smaller purchase to the more complex realisation of laborious and demanding furnishing plans.