When selecting lighting fixtures for our home, we must take into account: the size of the rooms, the activities we will carry out, the time in which the lights, colors and style of the furnishings are operating. Defining which devices are ideal for domestic lighting is not easy, as you need to carefully evaluate certain factors such as the destination environment and its style. In the living room a floor lamp will enhance the area of the sofas or a work table, while spotlights and lamps will help us to emphasize a piece of furniture or walkways of the garden. The right type of lighting is used to emphasize a specific piece of furniture in the home, to highlight the atmosphere of the environment or to recreate a particular climate of relaxation and great aesthetic value. A room in which the preparation of light sources is important for the kitchen: you must place at least one pendant luminaire for the diffused light above the table for meals. The newest technologies in the lighting sector allow a limited energy expenditure, for a comfortable and healthy habitus vivendi: from us you will find lamps and spotlights fixed of all kinds. In our house an important role is enlightenment, which accompanies us in all the gestures that we will carry out every day: we must therefore carefully arrange lamps and chandeliers.