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The Salotti welcome us in moments of rest and daily entertainment: the upholstery must always be comfortable and able to ensure the right support to the body, but must also be of great decorative value. In the living area we can place the upholstered furniture in various ways, as well as decide a sofa equipped with a comfortable chaise longue or a pouf, always nice to see. In our showroom you will find beautiful corner lounges, in line or relax, but also convertible sofa beds to the eventuality for those who do not have much space available but require quality and design. The sofas and armchairs currently available on the market provide, for those who want it, peculiar accessories with cutting-edge systems to tilt the back and remove the seat. Salotti have always been the protagonists of the environment dedicated to conversation and, in particular, to daily rest: the living room, the environment where one is in the company of friends and relatives during moments of relaxation. Before furnishing the living room, it is advisable to evaluate the square footage of the room and its functions, which will determine the purchase of a sofa with two or more seats and armchairs.