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Design studio and interior design

We offer high standards in quality, service and professionalism ... from the smallest to the most demanding and laborious commission.

Customized furnishings complete the furnishing of the house where there is no standard furniture. Whether it is space problems or particular aesthetic needs, customized furnishings will meet your needs.

We carry out the study, design and manufacture of furniture, cupboards and furnishings tailor made for service areas such as: hallway, laundry room, storage room, attic, attic, cellar, car garage. Our strong point is the 'turnkey' thanks to selected collaborators we are able to carry out renovations of individual environments, freeing you from the bureaucratic nuisance.

The environments to be furnished, especially if difficult, are a stimulus for us to grow and improve, our design standard follows a very specific path that always guarantees an optimal result:
• acquisition and study of the planimetry supplied by the manufacturer if the house is new or by inspection if the house is already existing.
• Compilation of all possible solutions in 2D and 3D to come up to define the best of all.
• Photo-realistic color rendering with customization of selected materials for furniture and environments to minimize the viewing of finished work.
• Draft detailed and transparent quotations, with the possibility of blocking the price for long-term deliveries.
• development of the necessary electrical / hydraulic systems and related design carried out with the verification of the same directly on site.
• Ordering with confirmation return according to ISO 9001 and 9002 to eliminate any possible error during loading in the production process.
• Delivery planning, paying attention to customer requirements and ensuring maximum punctuality.