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Our services

Rusconi Arredamenti offers to all customers the following services:

  • Interior designing and planning
  • Turnkey refurbishment
  • Total-look furnishing consulting
  • Wide internal parking
  • Air-conditioned environment
  • Withdrawal and disposal of old goods
  • Internal assemblers
  • After sales assistance
  • Tailor-made furniture and plans
  • Made in Italia products
  • Personalized and deferrable Zero Rate payments
  • Wall decoration and whitewashing
  • Customizable wallpaper
  • Plasterboard panels - design and development
  • Dry-stone walling - supply and installation
  • Printable digital images for every surface


Are you thinking about refurbishing a single room or the whole house?
Our skilled staff will be ready to guide you through your entire refurbishing plan, releasing you from any worry, starting from the annoying bureaucratic procedures, with regard to the land registration and the Municipality.
Actually, Rusconi Design Arredamenti offers a turnkey service from the first furnishing idea to its final realisation, thanks to its selected and skilled collaborators: masonry work, plasterboard projects, hydraulic and electric plants with certifications, flooring and coating of any kind, whitewashing, healthcare, lighting, interior doors and furnishing accessories.
The advantage is that every client will have the possibility to refer to a single interlocutor, who can coordinate all the various processes, optimizing the timescales and respecting the established deadlines. The all plan follows a specific and detailed project, which ensures the achievement of the optimal final result, uniform and coordinated.

Interior designing and planning

We ensure high qualitative standards with regard to quality, assistance and professionality… from the smaller purchase to the more complex realisation of laborious and demanding furnishing plans.

Tailor-made furniture completes your home wherever the standard solutions won’t be enough. Customised pieces of furniture can solve every need, both with regard to space and style.

We study, design and create tailor-made pieces of furniture, wardrobes and accessories, even for the domestic service-spaces, such as: corridors, halls, washrooms, closets, mansards, attics, cellars and garages. One of our strong points is the turnkey solution, in fact, thanks to our selected collaborators, we can refurbish even small domestic spaces letting you free from any annoying bureaucratic procedure.

Ambiences which have to be furnished, in particular when they are difficult to be managed, are a strong encouragement for us, with regard to our growth and development; our planning standards follow a specific path, which always ensures the achievement of the best furnishing results:
• acquisition and study of the planimetry, supplied by the constructor when the building is new or via direct inspection if the house is pre-existing.
• computerised realisation of the whole range of possible solutions, 2D and 3D, in order to find the one that collects the best parts of every other.
• realistic coloured renderings, with personalised finishes and materials for the chosen furniture and ambiences, in order to create a faithful copy of the effective final result.
• drawing of detailed and clear quotations, with the possibility to fix the price for long-term consignments.
• development of the hydraulic/electric system, which is necessary and inherent to the specific planning and inspection on site.
• drawing of the order with returning confirmation, following the ISO 9001 and 9002 regulations, in order to avoid every possible fault during the uploading of the production process.
• scheduling of commissions, with extreme attention to the specific needs of every client, always ensuring punctuality and precision.