Raggio di Pianca wardrobe with swing door

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Model with lacquered aluminum handle positioned vertically

The models that we are selling are furniture proposals that facilitate your rest creating a relaxing atmosphere and contain items and clothing. The wardrobes with hinged doors to be installed at home are designed carefully and with passion, since they must prepare the spaces embellishing them. Functionality and aesthetic value go hand in hand and the brand ensures both: the wardrobe with glass Raggio di Pianca door is waiting for you. Among the different modern wall models with hinged doors, the one in the last photo is the camera from the point of view of practicality and from the point of view of aesthetics. With the help of a good model of wardrobe, you can elegantly complete your bedroom, making the most of the shape and size of the room. The bedroom is a room dedicated to relaxation, which must therefore be furnished to the fullest and complete with furnishings capable of recreating an always relaxing atmosphere.

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