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Pianca walk-in closet

How to best organize a walk-in closet

The walk-in closet offers plenty of space to keep clothes and personal items tidy. Follow our tips to organize and equip the interior space in the best possible way.

The walk-in closet, a dream wardrobe

If space in the house allows it (don't worry, there are also compact solutions), instead of the classic perché wardrobe; don't think about designing a walk-in wardrobe ? The dream of all women to have a real place dedicated to clothes, shoes, bags and personal items!

Whether it is spacious or small, the walk-in closet must be thought and designed to measure , just like a tailored suit, becauseé is able to make the most of the space intended for order and to support the lifestyle of those who will use it. In our shop in the province of Como, expert consultants await you who will give you all the advice you need to design and organize the walk-in closet: the right size, the best place to place it, everything you need to equip it internally.

Customize your wardrobe with us

The walk-in closet lends itself well to customization: to better organize its interior, it is necessary to keep in mind the needs and habits of those who use it at home (a he or a she? Adults or young people? A person who plays sports?).

The many accessories available allow you to equip it in the best possible way and make it practical and comfortable: from drawers to shoe racks there are various solutions to find the right place for each accessory or garment.
The più elements; used in the walk-in closets are:

  • accommodation for clothing
  • brings jewels and values
  • drawers and shoe racks
  • Compartments for scarves, hats, gloves

The first thing to do &is; think about what we will put in the walk-in closet: in the shop we will help you rationalize spaces and volumes , composing the elements and furnishings perché the wardrobe is beautiful and functional.

Organize hanging clothes in the walk-in closet

Once you have an idea of how many clothes to hang, including coats, jackets, skirts and trousers, you will decide; the quantityà of hanger  to equip the cabin. Hanging garments require a lot of space, clothes rails and hangers . You will have to distinguish between long garments, which require 140-150 in height and short garments, for which a height of 110-120 cm must be estimated. We recommend the use of wooden hangers or non-slip velveteen, less bulky; instead avoid those of the metal dyeing, which deform the garments, pull the threads and if they rust they risk staining them. There are clothes hanger bars with integrated practical LED lighting , which is activated thanks to a motion sensor.

The items folded in perfect order

To organize folded garments inside the walk-in closet there are several possibilities; : visible shelves, preferably adjustable, pull-out trays or baskets, drawer units, drawers with transparent fronts and internal dividers.

Predict a depthà of the shelves of 40-50 cm and a distance between one and the other of 30-35 cm. If you have items that you use occasionally, you can also fold them in boxes to be stored in the upper shelves.

The dividers in the drawers will be used to keep accessories organized: ties, belts, socks, watches, sunglasses, jewelry. Prefer easily accessible locations for items you use on a daily basis. Corner shelving will allow you to make the most of the space.

Where to place the shoes

We now come to the object of desire of all women: shoes , which in the walk-in closet must be in order and easily accessible . To store them we recommend horizontal shelves, fixed or removable, or inclined shelves 25-35 cm deep. Allocate the più shelves; low to the footwear of the current season and those più high to the pairs you use less. If you prefer to put them in their boxes , you can take a picture and apply it on the packaging for quick view. To fit them comfortably, you could also place an ottoman or an armchair in the walk-in closet.

How to illuminate the walk-in closet

In the design of the walk-in closet è it is also a good idea to arrange proper internal lighting , a precious aid to choose which garments to wear and look in the mirror. The ideal solution è that of providing each module with a beam of light, to be chosen with an excellent color rendering.

Various options are available:

  • LED strips : flexible lighting since the strips adapt to any type of cabin, they follow the design ensuring a well-distributed light.
  • Clothes rails and shelves with LEDs : The LEDs inside the wardrobe can be inserted both on the clothes rail and under the shelves.
  • Ceiling lighting : compact and with high luminous efficiency, the adjustable recessed spotlights allow you to illuminate the wardrobe by creating special light effects. One can do it; also combine a ceiling light, to be positioned in the center of the ceiling.
  • Applique : when the ceiling of the wardrobe room &is; low, as an alternative to spotlights, it is può opt for wall lights: on the market there are various shapes, even vertically if the usable space è little.