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Model available with handles for opening the doors and shelves for books or magazines

Since the living space must be practical and of great aesthetic value, some beautiful and functional furniture such as the equipped walls are indispensable. The living room is the home where you are dedicated to relaxing every day, talking with friends and relatives, watching TV as well as reading a book. This is one of the most beautiful Maronese Acf equipped walls: in the showroom you can find several modern proposals, characterized by functionality and style. The furniture must recreate a setting of charm and hospitality in the home: if you want to complete modern living areas, the Wall Comp IR1801 by Maronese ACF is for you. In the living room furniture such as the Equipped Walls can not be renounced, just like the model of Maronese Acf visible in the picture: brings home the excellence guaranteed by the brand. The compositions with Maronese Acf Wooden Equipped Walls for modern rooms await you in the showroom, to complete your spaces and arrange them in style.

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