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Model equipped with modern wall units with integrated LED containers and display cabinets

Thanks to the practically endless range of finishes to choose from, you will have a rich line of classic fitted walls for the living area of the renowned brand. Wooden Equipped Walls are always particularly popular in the living room: with this solution your living room will be a beautiful space to look at and well organized. AS578 by Maronese ACF in wood, a mix of functionality and style guaranteed by the brand, will prove to be the best solution for your stay. The Equipped Wall Comp. Enhance your space with the Classic Equipped Walls of Maronese Acf: in the store you will find only high quality products, always in quality materials. In the living room, you can use the Walls Equipped as a multifunctional support surface, to store both everyday and decorative objects. The furnishings for the living room, including the Equipped Walls, are essential both from the aesthetic point of view and from the practical side: they furnish the space with style.

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