Citylife 38 storage wall by Doimo Cityline

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Equipped wall in laminate and matt lacquered in a modern style

If you want to follow a peculiar stylistic conception while choosing furniture for your home, please choose our modern equipped walls. The model in photography is one of the most exclusive modern equipped walls of the company: in our showroom you will find the ideal solution for your living room. The Citylife 38 storage wall by Doimo Cityline is perfect for living in a comfortable and beautiful living space: our modern equipped walls are waiting for you. Constructed of durable materials, the laminate fitted walls furnish the living room with style and make the environment comfortable and beautiful to look at. Doimo Cityline proposes a composition able to make the living space organized at best and furnished with style, thus combining practical and aesthetic qualities. Among the various furniture for the living room we have, we present a wall made of excellent quality laminate, perfect for combining practicality and design.

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