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Our history

Rusconi Arredamenti is a well-established family business for more than 40 years, a team motivated and capable of meeting any demand, a result of passion and experience gained directly in the field.

The founder Rusconi Ermanno started off from scratch, learned and learned the oldest craft in the world as a carpenter, becoming a skilled craftsman and capable until 1968 finally able to set up and set up his own firm, building a small workshop in a country in which he could spend full time on the activity he liked to do, supported by the valuable collaboration of his wife Rosangela.

In 1990 he felt the need to expand the production unit and moved to the outskirts of the country where he built a 2,000 square meter warehouse that was able to cope with the new needs even in terms of logistic spaces.

For years it has been dedicating itself to third party production until it decides to engage in the direct sale of home furniture of all kinds and style, from both interior and exterior, classic and modern, and creates an exhibition space for the where you can touch the quality and functionality of your proposals.

In 2000, his sons, Marco, Giovanni and Caesar, have always been present in the activity and the Rusconi Arredamenti s.n.c. which step by step has been able to grow and improve so much that in 2010 the exhibition area will be expanded with a new showroom with innovative and modern design designed to increase the design of the furniture and the services it will be able to offer.

Our ultimate goal in furnishing a home is to create ambients aimed at expressing the taste and expectations of those who rely on our Team ... To satisfy the customer is our prerogative, we study and evaluate all possible solutions, engaging ourselves and documenting us continually.