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Extending dining table

Ozzio's Convertible Box Table assures quality materials and good aesthetic performance. Ozzio proposes several Tables models, including this metal product. The Ozzio dining table in the metal sapr furnish the dining room's dining room. Ozzio has a large offer of Dining Tables, including this Ozzio Convertible Box Table. For us all Tables prove to be indispensable furniture of living room and kitchen environment.

Box Table

The boxè box; multipurpose so there is free space to imagine how to use it best.
Thanks to a tried and tested mechanism for daily use, the può table; elevate vertically to the desired size, allowing for quick use in many situations.
Placed in front of the couch, it acts as a normal table, but it rises to just as much as a può be used to eat or work comfortably sitting on the couch as well as a play table for children sitting on the floor.
In the maximum elevation position becomes a real dining table, able to accommodate from 4 to 10 seats.
The telescopic aluminum mechanism guarantees an extended and precise plan extension to give space to the two internal extensions of cm. 50 each engaging with easyà depending on the measure you want to get.
The table measures 120x75 cm in length and extends up to 170 - 220 cm.
In the metal frame that supports it, the monodirectional wheels are hidden, allowing easy movement both from closed and open.
E& # 39; It is also convenient to open it in a closed position in a coffee table as it allows for greater support for appetizers and more.

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