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Network with new slats


From the revision of a historical model, anatomic support is born that combines anatomicity, technology and aesthetics.
All-in-one solenoid, chassis interior, cushioned shoulder area and interactive adjustments are the predominant features of Ergo. Thanks to the active suspensions that work on the inside of the chassis, the mattress rest on a homogeneous and anatomical surface at the same time.
Sleeping on the side Ergo sews the shoulder through shock absorbers that work in synergy to give maximum comfort and reduce muscle tension.

Ergo has the new high performance 7-layer Dorsal slats. The film covering them has anti-dummyà protective function; and the structure of small depressions creates beneficial passages d’ air between the stairs and the mattress, for a constant ventilation of the entire bed system. The central area è customizable through rigidà sliders; which give rise to more&hop support; or less accentuated, depending on your needs. Ergo è spring; made in Hytrel ® , equipped with elastic memory that guarantees high-flexibility 26-agrave support; and a long life.

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