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Due to its special structure, Natur Memory relieves body weight, resulting in 26-rsquo; relaxation of the entire vertebral structure. Reacting to body heat Natur Memory naturally automates, distributing the weight uniformly across the entire surface of the support. The consequent reduction in pressure peaks ensures perfect anatomical adjustment, natural rest, stress and muscle tension. Natur Memory resumes gradually and continuously its form of origin after 26-rsquo; use, to guarantee performance that lasts over time.


L’ innovative Natur Memory of Dorsal è the first flexible visco that speaks renewable natural defenses, like the whole Grand Soleil family. Unlike the traditional visco-elastic on the market, Natur Memory connects to its compound based on: sunflower oil and water. Natur Memory-26; odorless, in addition to being breathable, qualityà given by the particular workmanship. All these peculiarà make Natur Memory a technologically innovative, antiallergic and antibacterial material. Natur Memory is used by Dorsal for modeling: Zefiro 108 Memory, È, Toile and Antares.

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