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The latest technology in the field of lighting allows a low energy consumption for a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. In the cafeteria, always place a suspended light for the indirect light above the table, a light embedded in the suction hood and then spotlights fixed under furniture and shelves. Illumination helps to enhance an object or space as well as to create a special atmosphere. In our home a primary role is the Illumination, which follows us in every gesture that we do every day: always better to decide carefully which appliances we will buy and how we will place them. At the moment we choose the light sources in our home, we have to check: the size and shape of the rooms, the occupations that we do, the hours when the lights are operating during the day, the colors and the style of furniture and walls. At present, the lighting market offers products that will make it easier for any request. An environment in which the predisposition of light sources of primary importance to the kitchen environment. Indirect light space is also suitable for direct light. In the bedroom to the indirect light we will approach the reading lamps. In the living area a floor lamp enhances the area of sofas; spotlights and wall lamps will be useful in enhancing a picture.

Suspension lamp in steel and lacquered glass


The Eglo suspended suspension lamp for interiors in our homes, which gives birth to singular moods with light. L Lighting is an important component in interior fittings.

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Tablecloth in techina glass for rubbing

Batista 3

The Eglo # Batista 3 modern table lamp for your interior embellishes your habitat as a piece of furniture. L Lighting is a fundamental element of every room as it accompanies all the gestures we make.

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Suspension lamp in metal and glass


In store we guide you in designing the lighting and lights for your home. Eglo # Inner Hanging Lamp for interiors embellish living spaces as a piece of furniture.

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