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  • Mattress lacquered mattress

Mattress lacquered mattress

Trendy colors and articulated projects of excellence with the decorated Doimo Cityline Tulip House here we illustrate. You will find out in our mobile home the decorated Doimo Cityline Tulip Baby Room for babies. With the children's room among the opaque matt lacquers of the Doimo Cityline you have the opportunity to embellish the environment in which your children spend the important lives of their lives. Doimo Cityline meets the children's style and the needs of parents with the model of mattress mattress matt mattresses. The Chambers are a complex universe to be carefully crafted as Doimo Cityline.

Tulip House

The tulip è the symbol flower of this infant toddler. The white and the turtle are the colors that accompany the relaxed and serene style of the furnishings. The first childhood room Tulip Doimo Cityline è elegant and precious, romantic and safe, full of details and curated elements, featuring wall-mounted volumes, such as chest of drawers, wardrobe and bookcase, and cradle on wheels, dimensions 132cm x 86cm x 72cm, crib supplied complete with bumper, pillow top and down jacket.

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