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Kitchens Arredo3


Today, Kitchens's brands offer a rich offer of finishes and finishes to better characterize the spaces. The Kitchens sometimes host the lunch table or the snack plan around which to gather in convivial moments.

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Novamobili stays


At the moment we choose colors and finishes for the coatings and furniture of our Living Room, we always better decide what style to give to the environment and to consider what functions the living area is like: rest, convivialit, and work. The living are the vital center of each dwelling.

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Calligaris Tables


In a small interior, a table of proportional measures is to be placed next to the chairs. As far as the finishes of the Tables are concerned, numerous choices towards which to orient themselves: wood, glass, metal, stone are options offered.

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Calligaris chairs


In a fairly small interior, a table of proportional measures to match the seats should be placed. In the dining area, either in the living area or in the living area, the choice of Chairs enclosed to the available space.

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Sofa Samoa


The Sofas welcome us in rest time: the elements are comfortable to choose from, with a quality padding and able to provide the body with the right support. Sofas are the protagonists of the conversation and resting environment.

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Novamobili wardrobes


The room next to the traditional furniture such as a bed and wardrobe system, enriched by various items: a cassette, an armchair, a work table. Are you considering how to furnish or modernize your home with new wardrobes? In the room you should first place the bed, which can be textured or covered in leather or wood.

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Novamobili beds


We will complete Beds with linens and pillows, to make them a relaxing island that we receive in the evening. If space is not so much available, there are space-saving beds: Transformable and retractable beds, which are day-to-day furniture that can respond to different functions.

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Novamobili bedside tables


They are beautiful and practical: they provide generous space for holding objects and are a practical support plan. Simple to fit, the bedside tables are coordinated with classic or contemporary beds.

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Camerette Mistral

Children's room

Depending on the special needs, the size of the room, the size of the children's room, you will choose how to arrange the bedroom furniture: bed, work desk, closet. In the bedrooms there are different activities: fun, study, rest.

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Bathroom furniture

The wide range of models for bathroom furnishing meets the style and needs of those who want to embellish the bathroom or restructure. The bathroom currently recognized is an interior of the home to be given the same attention with which other home environments are organized.

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Calligaris Complements


Complements are to be chosen and carefully placed, so that everything is harmonious in style and color. In our home, next to furniture, the style of every home space is the furnishing accessories, which are to be chosen according to the personal needs and style of the home.

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Eglo lighting


An environment in which the predisposition of light sources of primary importance to the kitchen environment. Illumination helps to enhance an object or space as well as to create a special atmosphere.

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Porte Astor


The doors connotate first of all depending on the type of opening. In each home the Doors are a structural element and contribute to enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the interior.

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Slate nets

Slate nets

Slate nets support mattresses, extend their durability, and support discretion our rest, improving it. We have provided you with interesting bedding for your mattresses.

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