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Hanging wooden bookcase with light elm beehive wall units

The Mercantini 213b Bookcase is ideal to give personality to your spaces: the various proposals of the company will allow you to furnish your living room perfectly. Among the producers of high value Bookcases we certainly find the Mercantini brand, which also offers suspended wood products. Keeping the living in order is not the only task of the modern bookcases that we propose: they equip the spaces enriching their aesthetics. In the showroom you can find different models of trendy furnishings for the living, just like this wooden bookcase among the modern suspended ones. At home there are different types of furniture, which differ in particular according to the local destination and their practical and aesthetic qualities. A bookshelf will prove to be an essential presence in the living area: it gives us the opportunity to recreate an ordered and continuous space, as well as a beautiful space to look at.

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