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Mistral Promotion

By purchasing a Mistral bedroom by February 28, 2017 you will receive one of the following products of your choice:

1 - K-board air balance:
Accelerometer sensors, gyroscopes
Autonomy max 20 Km
Net Weight 10 Kg
Min rate 30
Max capacity 120 Kg
Max incline 15
Speed u200bu200bmax 10 Km / h

2 - Mattress:
packed spring
inner felt 700 gr / sqm
D 25 rubber D 25 cm 2 per side
2 cm of winter side memory
2 cm of summer watercel side
perimetric support densities 25 E
removable allergy skin

PROMO A Promotion valid for purchases with minimum amounts of 2,290.00 VAT excluded to receive a free gift * 1 single mattress or, alternatively, 1 K-board air balance. For any request for the double mattress or 2 single mattresses, an extra contribution of 99.00 is required.
PROMO B Promotion valid for purchases with minimum amounts of 3,500.00 VAT excluded to receive free of charge * 2 single mattresses or, alternatively, 1 double mattress.
(K-board air balance expected only in PROMO A. The amount of limited parts)