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Table with metal frame

This example of extendable Table Duke of Calligaris enlivens with its modern style the dining room atmosphere. In the Living Room or in the Local Kitchen Tables are key elements that characterize style and play an indispensable role. The table, coordinated with the chairs, tracks the mood of the living room. belonging to the variety of Calligaris dining tables the proposed glass model here. Take a look at our shop to find the Calligaris Dining Table template that's right for you.

Duke's table

Width 85cm and length 160cm are table measures Duke of Calligaris. Duca è a modern and extensible table up to an extension of 220cm, è a lightweight, slim, dynamic table. The slender metal structure supports the plane, which can be pushed; be customized in a large varietà of finishes, from laminate to glass, from ceramic to glazed. The mechanism that allows 26-rsquo; elongation è simple and quick and allows the legs to always stay all’ endà of the table, for maximum comfort d’ use.

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