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  • Rectangular wooden table

Rectangular wooden table

Large design tables for existing homes proposed by Tonin Casa we are distributing. In our store you will find the model of Tonin Casa's Wooden Dining Tables. If you want to change Tables or buy them for the first time, we present you the classic Tonin Casa Aston Table. The Tonin Casa Classic Aston Table allows you to design a nice and comfortable dining room. Excellence and attention to detail include the wide range of classic Tables in the Tonin Casa brand.

Aston table

Tonin's Aston table is a beautiful classic wood table of dimensions 100cm x 180cm, extending up to 265cm. Aston has a rich style, soft lines and fine details. The rectangular shape of the wooden floor is ingenious with the rich edging of the edges and the sinuous wavy contour. The mechanism that enables the transformation of the practical and quick table. The contoured legs that distinguish the line are Cabriole style. There are many wooden finishes made available by Tonin, from the most colorful and particular to the most traditional.

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