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Double Mattress

The word of the expert Dr. Paolo Bruniera Physiotherapist, Osteopathic DO:
"Everyone who sleeps well at night, during the day will be brighter and quicker in thoughts.All medicine agrees that a good sleep is needed for good health and for a general state of well being. Of course the adequate bed system plays a role especially in the quality of each person's sleep, and that is why we need to choose the one that best suits our needs. In particular, in the mature age and in the long run, the biological, anatomical and functional characteristics of both sexes change.
More and more advances physical recovery time and the need to rest longer to recover energy and repair stressed tissues from activity. Recent studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between good rest (in terms of quantity and quality) and longer life expectancy! It's clear how good sleep, calibrated on personal comfort needs, can help keep us healthy and make us smile for the future! "

Mattress Elisir

Anatomical Elisir: Helps your body maintain a correct position during sleep, freeing it from tensions and rigidity. Shoulders and joints are in a more physiological position and this helps to reduce muscular and joint pains.
Elisir full of comfort: for a relaxing sleep and to really recover the energies.
Elisir carrier: also designed for high weights, suitable for all corporations.
Thermo-regulating elixir: to disperse over-heat of the body resulting in improved physiology of skin tissues.
Breathable elixir: The moisture is absorbed and released quickly to eliminate the nightmare awakening caused by a sudden heat stroke.
Hygienic and hypoallergenic elixir.

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