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  • Removable mattress in memory
  • Removable mattress in memory

Removable mattress in memory

Elisir is a new mattress that does the Elisir line's quality but in a new and functional style.
thermoregulatory at all times of the year thanks to the two climatic sides in Gel and Natur Memory.
The study of new inner shapes makes it anatomical and breathable.
The eco-friendly viscose lining fabric that helps disperse excess moisture, for a fresh, dry bed. Easy to maintain, hygienically perfect and hypoallergenic.
Forget the sleepy nights looking for a comfortable place to sleep.
Forget the sudden awakening caused by sudden heat shots.
Forget those mornings where you seem to wake up more tired than before: Anatomical elixir and full of comfort, thermoregulatory and breathable, hygienic and hypoallergenic!
The indicated price per cm. 160x190 but all sizes are available:
80x190 .. .. 80x195 / 200 .. .. 85-90x190 / 195/200 .. .. 120x190 / 195/200 .. .. 160x195 / 200 .. .. 165-170x190 / 195/200 .. .. 180x190 / 195/200

Mattress Elisir Issimo

Mattress Features:
• Carrying on the summer and comfortable side in the winter side
• Upper Climate Side 3cm GEL
• Lower climatic side 4.5cm NATUR MEMORY
• Mattress height 24cm finished
• Fabric in high viscosity bioelastic, on both sides
• Yarn in high weight, 510 gr / m2 per side
• Exclusive design
• Unshielded with zip on the 4 sides
• Machine washable at 30°

Coating coated with GEL. Fresh side and pi-26 boom; supported, ideal for longer&year periods; warm and for those who have more sweating. Coating matched with NATUR MEMORY. Self-styling and comfortable side, releases the body from tension and rigidityà helping to reduce muscular and joint pains.

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