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  • Upholstered elm and lacquered wall

Upholstered elm and lacquered wall

Among the wall-mounted companies, we find Spagnol, which features this modern-style model, also available in matt lacquer. Living room furnishings, such as furnished walls, allow you to keep your stay in order. There are several wall-mounted models available on the market, from the essential lines as well as the most sought-after design, such as the Living 433 suspended hanging cabinet in Spagnol. The modern living room of Spagnol Living 433 suspended cabinet is appropriate to give personality to the Stays, organizing them optimally. In Staging, choosing a good example of equipped walls allows you to expose or guard different objects, and beautify the environment. Arranging stays not difficult, if you choose the right type of equipped walls, with which to organize the environment. This and the various proposals of Spagnol for the environment of our stays will allow us to organize as you prefer living in modern style. The apartments are furnished with different furniture and accessories, such as fitted walls.

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