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  • Laced lacquered and double-sided bookcase

Lacquered two-sided bookcase and wood

The modern style of Spaniel Living 427 Passing Library is apt to give personality to the Stays, optimizing them. Among the libraries, we present Spagnol, which proposes this model in modern style, also available in wood. Different furniture and complements are included in the homes of our homes, such as libraries. You can find several commercial bookshops, the essential lines or the most sought-after design, such as Living 427 Spanning Bookstore. This and the various proposals of Spagnol for the environment of our stays will allow us to furnish as you prefer living in modern style. Living room furnishings, such as bookcases, allow you to keep the living area in order. Arranging the Stays not difficult, if you opt for the right type of bookstores, with which to decorate the environment. In Stages, choosing a good type of bookstores allows you to expose or order different objects, and enrich the environment.

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