Crystal Glass Door of Ferrero Wood

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  • Interior sliding door

Interior sliding door

The Porte di Ferrero Legno offers are functional. Craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology enable the Doors of Ferrero Wood to respond to each personal need. The Crystal Glass Gate of Ferrero Wood between the Perfect Doors to solve the needs of the closure. All the doors of the Ferrero Wood brand are tested because they face stress tests and accurate accurations. You will know the Sliding Doors of which is the Crystal Glass Visio of Ferrero Wood. With the offer of Sliding Doors for interior of Ferrero Wood the design is fully expressed.

Visiting Door

FerreroLegno è Sliding Door; an exterior wall sliding door with glass doors, modular and can be realized up to a 26-rsquo; height of 290cm. Visio has an essential and perfect style, with no accessories; the crystal plate è protagonist, free and absolute, full height and no profile. According to the tonalità of the selected glass, the sliding door draws in the game room of nuances and colored light, bringing charm and sophistication all’ interior of the 26th room.

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